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Eric Schmidt

Machine - Regina Spektor - Drum Cover

16,298 views 4 years ago
Another one of my "play along to a song I like" videos.

I'm a little over the top on those little hits in the middle. Those are *not* triplets (at 1:17 and 2:31)! I kinda am trying to stress that fact in my playing, and it's probably not all that musical what I do with them. But what they really are is "every third 32nd note".

So, if you played a bar of 2/4, and hit beat 1, and then every third 32nd note after that, you'd fill out that measure with 6 hits, the final one being the very last 32nd note before the next downbeat. So, you hear me trample all over what Regina is doing when she just plays the first 4 and rests for the rest. It's very cool and makes it sound more like a dragged out triplet. But you can tell it's not that because she and the rest of the band always comes right back in on one, and it almost seems rushed. An illusion for your ears!

I hope you like this. If you do, this is from her new album Far. It's really good, but it's quite sad, so I'd actually recommend more her previous album Begin to Hope. Show less
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