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The Synthetic Orchestra

Chrono Trigger Symphony : Volume 3 NOW AVAILABLE! (The final 17 Orchestrated Chrono Trigger tracks)

13,614 views 2 months ago
You can pick up a copy of the full 42-minute album from Loudr (http://blake.so/chrono3). DRM Free in your favourite format (FLAC, MP3 or Apple Lossless) this 17-track album completes the selection of orchestrations from the Chrono Trigger Symphony project. Experience your favourite music from Square's classic game, faithfully orchestrated and covered using the latest virtual-instruments.

Head over the site to preview all the tracks (http://thechronosymphony.com) and find out more information about the project. An iTunes version is also available (http://blake.so/chrono3itunes). Please take the time to leave a review if you enjoy the album, and spread the word among other Chrono Trigger fans.

0:28 - Corridor of Time
0:37 - Schala's Theme
0:44 - Ocean Palace
0:54 - Black Omen
1:00 - World Revolution
1:04 - Final Battle
1:10 - Festival of Stars
1:16 - Outskirts of Time
1:22 - Crono & Marle - A Distant Promise Show less
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