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FortressOf Attitude

P.S. Gay Car (music video) by Fortress of Attitude

40,356 views 1 year ago
Buy P.S. Gay Car on Itunes here: http://tinyurl.com/cyyabrv

We found this real note on our car and turned it into the greatest rock song of all-time. Enjoy!

"P.S. Gay Car" music video
Performed by Gregg Zehentner & Scott Barkan
Shot by Pat Stango
Edited by Gregg Zehentner
Directed by Pat Stango and Gregg Zehentner
Produced by FoA (Scott Barkan, Clayton Gumbert, Pat Stango, Gregg Zehentner)


Car Washers - Roberto Adolpho and Gil Gilead
Nice Note Couple - Jeff LaGreca and Jamie Greco
Protestors - Carl Grasso, Steve Beck, Erik Nelson, Joanie Maniachi, and Andrew Malingowski
John Lennon - Rob O'Reilly
Yoko Ono - Andy Miyamotto
Gay Car - FagBug (Erin Davies)
The Band - Scott Barkan, Clayton Gumbert & Gregg Zehentner
Special Thanks - Kelly Olsen and Popei's Clam Bar

And here are the words that started it all:

You're gay.
Your car is gay.
But most especially your parking job is gay.
I don't disapprove homosexuals.
Just inconsiderate assholes who don't think outside of their own selfish existence.
Could you "Imagine" (J. Lennon) two parking spaces?
P.S. Gay Car. Show less
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