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Bruce Weaver

Brave New Earth TV Trailer2014

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VideoBlog a new vision for humanity. Brave New Earth TV
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Masa - OFF GRID Play

Going Off The Grid with Masa a Journalist from Vancouver Canada. For one year, he will be integrating into an existing off-grid community in Haida Gwaii, a small island off the coast of British Columbia. He has arrived on island and started to build his own cabin from scratch and aims to become self-sufficient by hunting, growing and gathering.

Reclamation Road -Series Play

Reclamation Road - A Reality Show
Its time we look at reusing and recycling our homes and barns of yesterday to re-purpose them into something useful. This show is an independent production but sure has lots to offer.

The Underwater Realm - Webfilm Play

Today's cinema is full of magic worlds and distant planets, alien creatures and mystical beasts, but the strangest and most alien realm is already right here on Earth.

Created entirely by volunteers and funded by hundreds of fans worldwide, the Underwater Realm is one of the most ambitious independent film projects ever attempted. Each short set in a different time period, we watch the five times humans have caught a glimpse of the mysterious underwater Atlanteans.

SCI FI channel - Transhumanism H+ Series Play

Humanity TV Transhumanism takes a multidisciplinary approach in analyzing the dynamic interplay between humanity and the acceleration of technology. In this sphere, much of our focus is on the development and ethical use of biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial general intelligence. Our theoretical interests focus on posthuman topics of the singularity, extinction risk, and mind uploading. Many of these ideas are contemplated in books and other publications produced at Humanity+ Press.
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