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National Supers Agency - Supers audio files (The Incredibles DVD disc 2)

4,468 views 4 months ago
Agent Rick Dicker, file 93718. The files of the National Supers Agency are hearby sealed in accordance with the Superhero Restriction Act, banning all supers activity. These files contain highly classified information regarding the supers, their powers, weaknesses, and in some cases their secret identities. Despite the government's insistence that this ban is permanent, these files should still be treated with the utmost secrecy and respect.

Credits: All audio owned by Pixar Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Company
Rick Dicker - Bud Luckey
Mr. Incredible - Craig T. Nelson
Elastigirl - Holly Hunter
Frozone - Samuel L. Jackson
All other voices unknown at this time (if you think you know which Pixar employees voiced them, please let me know!)

Apogee - 0:36
Blazestone - 1:59
Downburst - 3:02
Dynaguy - 4:34
Elastigirl - 6:27
Everseer - 8:11
Frozone - 10:07
Gamma Jack - 11:34
Gazerbeam - 13:02
Hypershock - 14:56
Macroburst - 16:15
Meta Man - 16:26
Mr. Incredible - 16:35
The Phylange - 17:54
Plasmabolt - 19:17
Psycwave - 19:28
Splashdown - 20:35
Stormicide - 20:41
Stratogale - 21:50
Thunderhead - 22:00
Universal Man - 23:18 Show less
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