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  • KevWest Beats

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    Music production tips and tricks as well as reviews on the latest in music production technology with Kev West.

    If you have any questions or need help with getting started please feel free to email
  • ForTiorI Johnny

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    Modern metal, djent, ambient, tutorials and other fun doodles from the depth of Germany. listen and enjoy. i also take mixing and mastering jobs. PM me if you will.
  • SteinbergSoftware

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    Steinberg is known the world over for its professional media solutions. The company has been developing, manufacturing and selling software and hardware products for musicians and producers in the mus
  • FinishYourSong

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    Finish Your Song on YouTube is about helping you to get your music made. Each week, I add a new video looking at production techniques for modern computer-based recording, with examples recorded in S
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    Select videos from our ever growing library of video tutorials at Groove3.com. Get hours of free, professionally created content on our YouTube channel all taken directly from our over 500 hours of tr
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    RecordingReview.com is a community with the goal of making mega recordings at home.
  • recordingrevolution

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    I help people make better recordings and mixes in their home/project studios. If you have a question, hit me up over at the blog: www.TheRecordingRevolution.com
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    Skillshare is an online learning community where the world's best experts teach real-world skills.
  • MyMixEngineer

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    Hi! I'm mix engineer, Johnny Barber, and I help recording artists, producers, bands, and songwriters release recordings that surpass the initial "sound in your head."
  • Rob Williams

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    'Pro Sounding Songs Made Simple'
  • iZotope, Inc.

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    iZotope makes innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, iZotope has spent over a decade developing award-winning products and audio technolo
  • EdmSoundworks

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    The most reliable source for Soundbanks and Sample Packs !
    EDM Soundworks was founded with one main goal : Getting the sounds and patches you hear on the top 10 tracks available to home producers.
  • ADSR Sound Design & Synth Tutorials

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    Learn more about sound design and synthesis - ADSR has hours of free in-depth tutorials for Massive, Maschine, Zebra, Sylenth, Reaktor, FM8 and Kontakt! New tutorial videos added daily. Subscribe now
  • Denon DN-X1600 excellent mixer and TSP Certified.

    DJ Torch performing a Super Hot Old School R & B mix on Denon SC3900's (formerly used Pioneer CDJs)

    Torch a Dj in Las Vegas who has been a Club DJ for a long time! Las Vegas nightclubs will benefit from his m...
  • AudientHampshire

    • 58 videos
    Audient develops exciting and innovative products for the audio recording market.
  • The Pro Audio Files

    • 151 videos
    Tips, tutorials and techniques for mixing, mastering and producing music in Pro Tools.
  • StarOne All Stars (Blue Martini)

    StarOne All-Stars Performing at the Blue Martini in Las Vegas.
    This allstar band consists of members that work with the likes of John Mayer, Raphael Saadiq and many more.

  • Young T ft. Flow Tha Singer- Break You Down [Thizzler.com]

    NEW 2013 || Download this song for free here:

    The latest Bay Area slaps & Hip Hop heat @ http://www.thizzler.com, updated every day with new music, videos, interviews and more! Bay Area music O...
  • Cry Little Sister vs Hello Zepp (Jason Mythos PsyTrance Remix)

    Cry Little Sister vs. Hello Zepp - Jason Mythos Psytrance Remix


    celldweller cry little sister psytrance progressive psychedelic ...
  • Routing in Cubase

    This video looks at how to direct channels in Cubase to sub-groups. It introduces the routing options in Cubase 7 and using the Q-Link switch.
  • The Fabsisters - Ain't Nobody (Cover of Chaka Khan)

    Talented teenaged singing duo, The Fabsisters is made up of two sisters Folake and Lola.
    This is a cover of the sensational classic Aint Nobody by Chaka Khan.
  • automating antares harmony engine evo part 1 of 2

    pro tools Tutorial on automating antares harmony engine evo.
  • This doesn't help me much. I can't use sandpaper on the metal surface in question. It would mess it up. I'll give Acetone a try. I hope I get the same results. Please resubmit a video using some sort of liquid/soft material to remove this stuff. I'm sure there's gotta be something out there!

    Removing Gorilla Glue

    A common question we get here at Gorilla Glue is, "How do I remove the extra dried glue off of my project?" Join Ali as she walks you through some of the best practices for Gorilla Glue removal.
  • Josiah is working on a new recording project as we speak! Please support him and follow him on twitter! I'm going to try to talk him into a lovely remix of "forever" as well! We shall see!

    The Cat Lady Forever By Siah/Josiah Orsie

    I found this song in ''The Cat Lady'' From a PC story based Game
    This artist and song is hard to get ahold of. Even if it Take me 9 lives, but nine hundred lives
    For those who want their album: htt...
  • RoyalR R.M

    • 3 videos
  • Let me make it clear that I have no issue with someone dating someone who is not of their race. The issue is when they only date that person because they are not of their own race. It's disrespectful to everyone involved. Let's say some dude only dated women with Big Boobs? Many women would find that offensive. Well? What's the difference? I seen some black women who will date a martian before they will date black men. That's when you know you "got issues."

    Rob parkers issue with RG3 is his white fiance PT-1

    Rob parker simps for black women
  • Altruwest

    • 48 videos
    Producer F Major blogs about current projects, music production and beat making.
  • 5T33D

    • 18 videos
    Here to entertain myself & others. "Why is there Existence? This question is unanswerable & this is why I am crazy, so let's party you mutherz!"
  • Komplete Tutorials

    • 39 videos
    Hi ,
    Welcome to the official Komplete Tutorials youtube channel.
    This channel is named Komplete Tutorials because we gonna cover mainly Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate (and related) content and b
  • I can still hear the effect audio while the "stutter" is happening. I heard there's some way to avoid this using some sort of bus setup. Right? Also, it seems like some of the stutters don't cut off fast enough so the mix is clean. Is there a way to configure that?

    Tutorials: Stutter Edit - Timeline Basics

    iZotope delves into the details of the timeline features in Stutter Edit's gesture modules, explaining how they can provide powerful controls beyond the standard automation capabilities of your hos...
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