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10 Things that Annoy Photo Enthusiasts

160,629 views 1 week ago
Most of us are photo enthusiasts, but we all have friends who are not. Here are 10 things that people say or do that annoy the hell out of photo enthusiasts. Show less
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"Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera" Series by DigitalRev Play

In this series we bring in a pro photographer, and swap their pro equipment with one random cheap camera that we found in the car boots or garage sales. Whether it's a camera on the iPhone 2G, or a Vivitar thingy, a Rollei crapline 102, a Yashica EZ F-whatever, or a 2 megapixel lego camera that breaks into pieces (literally!), the pro is challenged to do a proper photo shoot with these cameras and no assistance from their pro gears whatsoever.
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