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Jack Schofield

Oculus Rift + Kinect = Dragon Eyes! Dare ProtoPlay Jam Winner 2013

9,441 views 11 months ago
This was our entry for the 2013 Dare Jam in Dundee - Dragon Eyes.

Built in under two days we think that this simple concept taps into the best bits of HMD and NUI technology. The deep feeling of becoming something other then human is something which couldn't be achieved in any other way!

Wing movement is mapped one to one with the players arms, the angle of your wings causing you to roll, turn, climb and descend within the fantastic flight model built by Jock.

Players can experience the world through the "dragons eyes", looking 360 degrees around them using the OVR. Blowing into the microphone causes your avatar to breath fire, fantastic for toasting evil sheep. Exceptionally skilled players can even swoop down and gobble up there docile, un-expecting prey.

The best bit is you can download the build and have a go!
Link: http://www.gamesprout.com/i...

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