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Defil3d - 300m Drop + OSRS Record. --MASSIVE INVITE--

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PLEASE READ: Full party details below. (CLICK: "Show More")

Clan Chat: Joy.
Date: April 27.
Place: Fr0stys - Yanille portal.
Time: 3 PM - Eastern.
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/iemzpc (LIVE EVENT!)

"I give permission for any YouTube user to re-upload this video to their channel." Please inbox me or post in comments before you do.

Defil3d - 99 Defence @ 43 Combat: On April 27th I will set a new OSRS record, while bringing the community together for a massive community event and 300M drop party. Rank #1 in construction, Fr0stys, has been kind enough to open his massive 200m+ mansion for this party. At 3 PM (est) we will all begin massing at his house. This event will be streamed live to twitch on my clans stream (http://www.twitch.tv/iemzpc). They are truly amazing, I am honored to do the stream under their name.

This party is "open invite." Anyone and everyone is absolutely welcome to attend this event. I encourage you to tell your clans and friends!

07 Altar: Fr0stys
Control - Borzor
Eruption of Pures - Bigleech69
Fatality - Fi-Chris
Hexis: Sick Nerd
iEmz Pc: iEmz Pc (http://www.twitch.tv/iemzpc)
JAJA - Blindspot
Madness: Will Madness
Oblivion: OBLV LaGord + OBLV Jack
Slay Clan: Slay r l k
Slay Stars: YesToAfkMine
Snipedpvm: Bam Achilles
Stud Unit: Julio
Zenith: Deadly Lagg
Zskillers: Dig lt

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