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Murkin and Wobblepants

86,756 views 1 year ago
Murkin really seems to like this special kitten. Rupert Giles Wobblepants has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is why he is so clumsy. For more information, see below.

For more kitten videos, check out our youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/dcja..., or find Murkin on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mur.... Thanks for watching!

About Murkin: Murkin is a shelter dog! He was born in 2003 and we think he is a great pyrenees/lab/golden retriever/australian shepherd mix. I adopted him from our local shelter when he was about 6 months old. He is very calm and patient, and he loves to hang out and play with other animals, especially cats and kittens. I foster kittens for our local animal shelter, if you click on my youtube channel you will find lots of videos of Murkin and all the kittens we have fostered over the years.

About Rupert Giles Wobblepants:
Rupert Wobblepants is a very special kitten that Murkin and I adopted. He has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Its caused by a virus that infected his mother while she was pregnant, and it causes the cerebellum part of the brain to not develop properly. This causes the affected kittens to be clumsier than usual, but it causes them no pain. He also has a congenital heart defect, which we are currently in the process of treating.

Filmed with a sony handycam hdr cx-360.

Music by Tom Cusack-Leafy Lane Productions
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/...
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