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David Myhr

Record Collection (Lyric Video)

1,646 views 2 months ago
The follow-up to the 2012 album Soundshine, the new Record Collection EP continues mining the vein of timeless guitar-pop that is David Myhr's stock-in-trade.

The title track is a collaboration with fellow popsmith Peter Kvint (Britney Spears, Marshall Crenshaw, Morten Harket, Natasha Bedingfield) and features guest vocals from Japanese mega-star duo Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi).

The EP continues with You Stole My Heart Away, Boom Boom Beat (also featuring Puffy), The Things We Do For Love (a cover of the influential 10CC classic) and closes with an alternative version of Soundshine favorite Never Mine - re-recorded at Abbey Road, no less.

Video by Simon Hjortek.

More info at this blog post: http://www.davidmyhr.com/20...

(David Myhr/Peter Kvint)
Published by Strong Melody Publishing/Misty Music AB (STIM)/Sony Music Publishing (Japan) / Kvintessential / Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia

We met and we kissed and we loved and we had a good start
You made your way right into my heart
It's true
To me you were a work of art

For a while it was great but in time I had doubts
It took some time to figure it out
I loved you
But you don't shake it when I twist and shout

Where's the passion and dedication
Where's the spirit of rock'n'roll
I'm not in need of a new sensation
I only need a mate for my soul

You give me lots of love and affection
You're true to me I shouldn't complain
But I can't stand your record collection
It finally made me see you may not be the one for me

You're hip and you're hop but I'm pop and I'm rocking guitars
We're different just like Venus and Mars
It's true
There's not a single song that we can call ours

I'm a blast from the past you're the sound of today
You're telling me it's here to stay
So were you
And now I feel you slip sliding away

Where's the sound of my generation
Where's the spirit of fun, fun, fun
Silly love songs and good vibrations
I'm lost and I've got nowhere to run


I love to share emotions
(we're out of tune)
I need to know you feel what I feel
But we're falling through the cracks
We're on to different tracks

(You give me lots of love and affection)
(But I can't stand your record collection)


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