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Dastoli Digital

Escape from Sabre Island

2,505 views 3 months ago
A pirate captain escapes from the lock-up on Sabre Island with the help of his loyal companion.

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Music Credits:

"Caribbean Pirates" Composer: Dominik Hauser (ASCAP) Publisher: Dominik Hauser Music Production (ASCAP) Courtesy of www.productiontrax.com

"Drunken Pirates" Composer: Dominik Hauser (ASCAP) Publisher: Dominik Hauser Music Production (ASCAP) Courtesy of www.productiontrax.com

"Quirky Little Tale" Composer: Christian Andersson, Craze Music (STIM) Courtesy of www.productiontrax.com

"Diplomatically Sneaky" Composer: C. Stuart Ridgway (ASCAP)
Publisher: Pyramid Digital Productions (ASCAP #0039478 -- CAE #340.37.22.97) Courtesy of www.productiontrax.com Show less
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