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Chris Taibbi

Chris Taibbi Highlights Reel 2010

7,353 views 3 years ago
This is crazy nutso! This vid makes my FIFTH of these. Whhaaaaatttt?! A wee bit o' retrospective in the first 40 seconds or so.

2010 turned out okay, I think. I wasn't sure what would happen until I drafted this one out.

As of the moment I post this, I have 2,108 subscribers. I am honored and humbled by all of you. If you have been a part of my YouTube life for this long, I cannot thank you enough. You know who you are, Friends. (THEGOHEADS: you = solid.) Newcomers to my channel... many, many thanks. Glad to have you aboard. I'll continue to do what I can.

Finally, as is good and appropriate to do, I send a thanks and shout-out to C. Sayers who sponsors me at sportjugglingco.com . Being a "juggler" is a massive part of my self identity and whenever I pick up one of her props, she should know that she is helping me in ways that are undefinable. (She'll get it: her son is one, too.)


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