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  • Two recently discovered videos from the late 1970s about the use of the American STU-II crypto phone.

    STU II rekeying

    This video shows how the cryptographic key variables were loaded into a STU-II (KY-71) secure telephone unit, by means of a KOI-18 or KYK-13 key distribution device (key filler). It also shows how ...
  • Using your STU II

  • @97448able : The TTY equipment shown in this video is a Siemens T-100, a popular model in Europe during the Cold War. It is shown here in combination with a Siemens M-190 cipher machine (a real two-way link). The M-190 uses a so-called on-time tape and is therefore unbreakable when properly used. More on the website.

    Geheime Berichten

    Short video impression of the exhibition Secret Messages, organized by Crypto Museum and held at Museum Jan Corver (Dutch Ham Radio Museum) in The Netherlands in 2008 and 2009. The exhibition showe...
  • Bombe_Rebuild_2009

    Short video clip showing the working replica of a BOMBE whilst breaking an Enigma message. The video also shows its supervisor John Harper, the Checking Machine and a modified Typex machine. The la...
  • How to Digitize a Book

    This quick 5-minute tutorial shows you how to take your old books and scan them into a computer so that they can be searched and viewed in your computer or ebook reader.
  • ZODIAC communication system commercial

    Short commercial, made by the Dutch Ministry of Defense, aired in 1993 as part of an extensive personnel campaign. It shows several glimpses of the ZODIAC integrated communication network that was ...
  • Sepia_Zeeland.AVI

    Hoezo is er niks te zien in Zeeland? ;-)
    Gefilmd op 11 mei 2011. In werkelijkheid zien de beelden er natuurlijk veel minder groen uit. Je ziet hier de sepia's paren. De vrouwtjes leggen hun eieren ...
  • KESO_Key_for_Hagelin_HC-570.mov

    This video shows Dutch key and lockpicking expert Barry Wels at work, creating a complex KESO key for a Hagelin HC-570 cipher machine. The cipher machine was acquired by Crypto Museum in December 2...
  • jam2011_VaderJacob.mp4

    • by pa0son
    • 3 years ago
    vader Jacob, Frere Jacques. Spontaneous jam session in a tent in our back yard. improvising, jamming, music, fun, jam amateurs. jam session September 2011
  • Teckel wakes up in my old fur coat

    How many Teckels do you see?

    Enigma-E is DIY electronic KIT. The complete story about ENIGMA and ENIGMA-E is on http://forum.hamradio.si/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10837 .
    73, Milos S57D
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