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The Ultimate Dog Shaming : Cute Dog Maymo

3,529,762 views 1 year ago
The Ultimate Dog Shaming : Cute Dog Maymo
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Maymo the lemon beagle is caught on film making very poor choices. This dog rolls in pickles, hoards water jugs, and destroys an antique stuffed panda bear before he gets caught and ultimately 'shamed' for his skullduggery. Inspired by the site 'Dog Shaming,' where you can find more doggies being shamed for their poor behavior: http://dog-shaming.com/

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For more doggies being shamed: http://dog-shaming.com/ Show less
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Best of Maymo the Lemon Beagle Play

Watch Maymo the cute dog befriend a battery-operated toy mouse, steal food, be terrified by a stuffed deer head, roll on pickles, and other sundries.

Maymo Dog vs Food Play

Maymo the cute dog with his curious nature versus a series of food like cabbage, orange and lemon! He might be the cutest dog on YouTube!!
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