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Code 22

Code 22 - Zombies! (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

37,670 views 5 months ago
Code 22 's video for "Zombies" from the album "Say What!" available now in any online store. Download the song at http://www.smarturl.it/code... and visit http://code22music.com for more.

ITunes: http://www.smarturl.it/code...
Spotify: http://www.smarturl.it/code...
Bandcamp: https://code22.bandcamp.com
Site: http://code22music.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/code22m...
Twitter: http://twitter.com/code22music or @code22music
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/code22
Reverbnation: http://reverbnation.com/code22

Directed and Co Produced by: Daniel Lapham
Written by: Chris McKinnis
Editor and Cinematography by: Johnny Blanco
Director of Photography: Daniel Lapham
Make up and Wardrobe by:
Charlie Harrington
Ashley Harrington
Mike Allen

Arich Walters
Brandi Jewell
Caitlyn Wesnidge
Damon Mitchell
Dayne Fuxa
Dru Seiger
Gary Jones
Josef Isaiah
Kayparis Atkinson
Mary Navitt
Melanie Malmberg
Mike Allen
Paige Nifong
Rolland Tuter
Skye Plumlee
Wendy McKinnis

Kid Zombies:
AJ Mitchell
Ellie blanco
Jeremy Malmberg
Justin Malmberg
Madison Tuter
Rayden Thomas-Lapham

Code 22:
Chris McKinnis - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Skyler Tuter - Lead Guitar and BU Vocals
Rob Malmberg - Bass and BU Vocals
Sam McCool - Drums

I'm not quite sure what's scary'a
If you die or if I gotta bury ya
I feel my heart beatin out of my chest
As I blow your brains out just to put you to rest
And everybody here is going to hell
I'll keep on killin till I run out of shells
Your suffering payback for taking my wife
Now my gun is empty I'll run for my life.

Can't get away, can't get away no
Can't get away, can't get away no
Can't get away, can't get away from zombies

With all this death around me
I'm alive for now but do I wanna be
It's a battle knowing every day
I gotta take anyone out who's standing in my way
And it don't matter if you're dead or alive
I do what I gotta do to survive
As another swarm of undead passes
I'm going down kickin ZOMBIE ASSES!!!!

Can't get away, can't get away no
Can't get away, can't get away no
Can't get away, can't get away from zombies

Soundtrack "Zombies" was written and performed by Code 22

All rights reserved ©

"Zombies" was recorded by Chris McKinnis

Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Smith

Idealist Creative Media in association with Johnny B. Productions:
is the author of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright and other laws

Thanks to the kind people of Marshall, OK for letting us film in their charming town.

Special thanks to all our fans!! If it weren't for you we would be playing with ourselves. Show less
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