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Adriano Lopes

Plants vs Zombies 2 - Ancient Egypt Speedrun

1,128 views 3 months ago
This is a "speedrun" of Plants vs Zombies 2 for the iPad. Here I have done the Ancient Egypt world. Followed some rules:

- All the levels were beaten only by using plants available for free
- Turbo button activated in every conventional level
- No lawn mowers were lost
- Coins were not used (only when the game obliges you to use)
- Power-ups haven't been used (the same as above)
- Plant foods were used, but only the ones given by the game

This wasn't been played continuously. I needed to stop at level 18 because I was having problems with the following levels.

I had to play level 19 (54:20) dozen of times to be able to make a strategy good enough to beat it. Multiply that to at least three for level 22 (1:03:50).

I lost account of how many times I've played level 22. It is extremely hard if you decide not to lose lawn mowers and take only the plant foods the game gives you. For a moment I thought it was not possible to beat it. But after I discovered the right strategy, I was able to do so many times in a row. Only then I started to record the footage again from the level 19 until the end. So I created a continuous video with these two files I've recorded.

To be honest, I can't consider it a real speedrun because I know it can be beaten easily.

I did this just to show Plants vs Zombies 2 is far from being a money greedy game, like many people say. It's just hard if you want to enjoy it without using in-app purchases.

For me, it's a good thing. It's very challenging like the old games used to be, but not impossible.

I will try to do the same for the other worlds.

I hope you enjoy it. Show less
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