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Styling Short Hair

1,913,749 views 4 years ago

a lot of people asked about the hair I was doing, and hmm... I really don't know what to say :p Almost every hair style I do is using a curling iron with not a lot of special skills. But here it is, and hope you guys can have fun with this style. It applies the same to long hair too - but just try to get thicker barrels to get a prettier look ;)

* man.. I can't believe how old school I am. Nobody remembers the thong song era? when everything rhymed with thong or sounded familiar was put into the thong category and sang thong tho-tho-thon-thong~

nm, I'm just old
come to think of it, it was already a decade ago :o Show less
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Inspired Looks Play

Mostly, but not limited to, K-POP inspired looks. These are not transformation videos, so please take the content of the makeup as the point rather than how my features compare to the original inspiration. ^__^
If you have a specific look to be done, please e-mail me at cl2425, gmail!!
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