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Mugen CR-Z GT on Race Track

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Honda CR-Z is now racing in Super GT series!

2.8L V6 engine inside the trunk turning this car into an MR layout, electric motor placed on where it used to be rear seats, and battery on the co-driver's seat. How extreme is that? The battle between CR-Z GT and Prius GT now begins!

This CR-Z is destined to complete two tasks - Win races for promotional purposes, and develop a reliable power plant (racing hybrid system) for the next generation NSX. With that said, seeing this CR-Z race, and having results is equivalent to watching the new NSX being developed. The 2012 Super GT race is going to be interesting more than ever.

[Team Info]
Team: Team Mugen
Drivers: Hideki Mutoh, Daisuke Nakajima
Director: Junichi Kumakura (M-TEC)
Race: 2012 Super GT / GT300 class

[Car Info]
Name: Mugen CR-Z GT
2.8L V6 TwinTurbo + Racing Hybrid
Max Power: 300ps+/5,250rpm (221kW)
Motor Power: 68ps (32-50kW)
Dimension: 4,445 x 1,940 x 1,110mm+
Wheelbase: 2,555mm
Weight 1,200kg+

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