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Driver Solutions

The Truck Driving School Experience - becoming a trucker, one week at a time.

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Maybe you've been considering a career in truck driving. Maybe you've been putting it off out of fear of being at the wheel of a big rig, or nervousness about making it through CDL training class and obtaining your permit.

Meet Matt and Morry. Hailing from Lexington and Atlanta, they both came to truck driving school from very different paths with a single goal: to obtain a Class A CDL. Neither Matt nor Morry had ever driven a truck before. They came to truck driving school eager to learn, excited to start a trucking career, yet cautious and a little timid.

Get the full truck driving school experience through Matt and Morry as we follow them through each of the three weeks of trucking school and finally to their CDL Skills Test day. See the ups and downs, the excitement and fear, and the transformation take place from week to week. Do Matt and Morry have what it takes to become truck drivers? Will they be able to start the truck driving career they want so badly? Watch this special four part video series and find out.

And after you watch - ask yourself: do YOU have what it takes? Apply today to get your own trucking career started.

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The Truck Driving School Experience - Getting a CDL Play

http://www.greatcdltraining.com/?dnis=6150 Follow Matt and Morry as they make their way through three weeks of truck driving school as Driver Solutions students. They'll learn the basics of truck driving in the CDL classroom and learn trip planning, map reading, and logging. Then they'll get behind the wheel of a tractor trailer for the first time and learn to drive - pulling forward, backing types, parking and docking. And then it's off the the road and interstate to put all the knowledge together and get experience and refine skills on the road. Finally, they'll take their CDL skills test and try to earn their Class A CDL. What is truck driving school like? Watch our four part series to find out.

Did you go to truck driving school? What was it like?

Get your truck driving career started right now and apply today: http://www.greatcdltraining.com/?dnis=6150

Truck Driving Jobs & Sponsored CDL Training Play

Learn how to get a truck driving job & receive company sponsored CDL training with this video series from Driver Solutions.

Learn more about trucking careers at http://GreatCDLTraining.com
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