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Need For Speed World Best Way to Earn Cash (February 2013)

95,708 views 1 year ago
Purpose-built cash farming cars. These are the best way to earn cash. A Treasure Hunt and Team Escape escape cash farmers.

High Stakes Team Escape is the quickest and you also get a chance to win great performance parts, skill mods or aftermarket parts while doing it.

The lucky draw card earned at the end of successfully completed Team Escapes makes a huge difference. The more completions you get the more lucky draws you have of winning a rare part or cash (5000, 8888, 10000, 20000 or 1000000 [Ultra Rare Jackpot]). That's why you should stick to the shortest Team Escape which is High Stakes.

Do the daily Treasure Hunt in addition to High Stakes Team Escape. Team Escapes have the potential of dropping fantastic performance parts, skill mods, aftermarket parts or cash. You simply have to be patient. Show less
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