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Anthony Garcia

Fashion, Lifestyle, & Special Interests Play

The Ill Clothing Lines, Dope Sneaker shops, Graf Writers, B-Boys, Toys, Books, all that. The people behind the hiphop urban culture that are making a difference! If it's dope, and its hiphop, we got it! Only on Built from Skratch on MYX.
These interviews can't be found anywhere else, as we take a behind the scenes look into the tastemakers in hip-hop, from clothing boutiques to music video directors.

Underground Tactics Play

The Next to Blow! The skilled, ultra-talented, best kept secrets of the game! You may not have heard of them, but believe us, you will. Next up on Underground Tactics Only on Built from Skratch on MYX.
Check out popular artists from the underground scene and see who the latest up and comers are in hip-hop today.

The Majors Play

The hottest, biggest artists in the business. Period! The trendsetters and the power brokers only! The big budgets, the radio regulars, the big names and the big wigs! Right here, only on Built from Skratch on MYX!
This is where we feature more well known and established artists in the hip-hop industry. Check out our latest interview with E-40 and crews from ABDC.
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