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Kottonmouth Kings Positive Vibes Lyrics

146,804 views 5 years ago
Kottonmouth Kings Positive Vibes from Rollin' Stoned.

All songs have their optimal listening environment. For this one it's definitely outside in the sunshine on a kick-ass stereo or PA system!

Just as a heads up, if you're not familiar with the Kottonmouth Kings most of their stuff is a lot harder than this. KMK combines rap, hip-hop, punk rock and soul into fresh sonic fusions. If you like this type of music then the Kottonmouth Kings come highly recommended.

(Free Freedom Open Mind Minded Unleash Potential Positive Outlook Grounded Peace Unity Harmony Aware Awareness Observe Observation Insight Introspection Meditation Research Understanding Existence Inherent Intrinsic Nature Human Being Humankind Environment My Take On Peace One Day Appreciation Inspiration Motivation Focus Law Of Attraction Conscious Consciousness Innate Ability Real Reality Universe Universal Perspective State Of Becoming True Truth Stillness Vital Relax Relaxation Envision Vision Feel Focus Allow Align Alignment Become Be Energy Energize Vitality Think Thought Perception Perpetuate Perpetual Unconditional Love Kind Kindness Calm Calmness Relative Relativity Answers Answer Possible Possibilities We Our Opportunity Complete Pure Connection Facts Truths Logic Reason Rational Rationalize Knowledge Science Scientific Survive Survival Species Humanity Important Follow Your Passion Song Songs Video Videos Origonal Offical Default Ability Advance Consistent Practice Persist Persistence Patience) Show less
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