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1.The REAL Cause of Bipolar Disorder

130,320 views 4 years ago
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In this video I talk about how many people end up being labeled with bipolar disorder, usually based on a first-break acute psychosis which begins with a collapse of the EGO. Show less
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Vids 1 to 5: The Spiritual Side of Bipolar Disorder Play

Here I started informing the world of the profoundly spiritual and potentially healing aspects of bipolar disorder.

Vids 6 to 11: The Dark Side of Bipolar Disorder Play

Along with the light, also comes the dark! And in order to heal the disorder, it is very important to understand the disturbing aspects of the 'acute psychosis' of bipolar disorder, as well as the potential for healing the disorder if we can open up to the fear and pain hidden within us.

Videos 20 to 23: How Bipolar Disorder and Waking Up are Related Play

These videos represent my own 'thesis' regarding the relationship between madness and enlightenment - and how both aspects appear in people with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Meditation Play

My meditation videos for people with bipolar disorder.
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