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Billy McBride

A Few Days After My Second Birthday

249 views 5 months ago
A Driving Triangle of M.O.A.L.:

In the 31 minutes it takes to drive from Palestine, Texas (in Anderson County) (also named Games) to its neighbor county seat, Rusk, Texas (in Cherokee County) (also named Hold), my own synthesizer music on Youtube named "Marion Makes It Strange" can be listened to in its entirety (it is 31 minutes long).

In the 44 minutes it takes to drive from Rusk, Texas (in Cherokee County) (or Hold) to its neighbor county seat, Crockett, Texas (in Houston County) (also named Interest), my own Youtube music pieces "Ode to Emily Dickinson 2" (22 minutes) and "Lizbeph Makes Us Happy" (also 22 minutes) could be listened to (22 + 22 = 44 minutes).

And, finally in the 36 minutes it takes to drive from Crockett, Texas (in Houston County) (Interest) back to the starting county seat of Palestine, Texas (in Anderson County) (Games), my own music named "I Love You" on Youtube can be heard since it is a 36 minute piece. This is one Triangle of M.O.A.L. in the Lands (Texas).

I have over 600 songs on Youtube which probably average 20 minutes in length. That means I could potentially create an entire Texas-matrix of driving networks covering the entire state just with all of my published Youtube music! Show less
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