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Big Think Mentor: From Big Think to Big Action

117,171 views 11 months ago
Big Think Mentor: http://goo.gl/Ejj1Y
To meet a growing demand among our audience to see the world-class ideas on Big Think transformed into actionable tools to improve their lives, we created Big Think Mentor , which launches today as one of a handful of new paid subscription channels on YouTube. Mentor puts the big ideas on Big Think into action by connecting world-class mentors like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Julia Galef, and Tim Ferriss with a global community of smart, driven users to teach the habits of mind and people skills we need to live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

For $2.99 a month, or $19.99 a year, Mentor gives you access to exclusive video lessons, with two brand new workshops added on the first of every month.

And, of course, this will help us bring you an even greater and more dynamic array of free video content through Big Think's public site and our public YouTube channel.

Since 2008, bigthink.com has been curating the most powerful emerging ideas in every discipline through interviews with artists, intellectuals, and business leaders -- people like actor/entrepreneur Edward Norton, Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, and neurologist Oliver Sacks. With Mentor, we're transforming those big ideas into tools for defining and achieving your personal and professional goals, starting today.


1) Why is YouTube Mentor not available in my country?

We've received literally hundreds of comments from Big Think fans (and foes) about the fact that our new paid subscription channel is available only in 10 countries, and we wanted to respond as best we can. Paid subscription channels are a new venture for YouTube. We aren't privy to and can't speculate on their reasons for limiting the launch to 10 countries, but they have every reason to want to open these subscriptions to as wide an audience as possible, as soon as possible. We're keeping track of how many comments we're getting on this issue and will be in regular touch with YouTube, advocating for a wider release.

YouTube's paid subscription channels are currently available in: US, Canada, Korea, UK, Japan, Brazil, France, Australia, Spain, and Russia. If and when that changes, which we hope it will, we'll trumpet it loudly.

2) Why is YouTube Mentor content not free?

Mentor is a new venture for Big Think -- an online learning product that is expensive to produce in that its curriculum development team plans Mentor workshop to meet specific learning goals and meet high pedagogical standards while adapting it based on user feedback. The subscription model is designed to make Mentor sustainable for us -- to enable us to keep providing it to you as a service -- while advertising alone would not. We created Mentor in response to Big Think audience member requests for learning content that translates big ideas into usable skills for personal and professional growth. Show less
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Thumbnail How To Make Better Decisions, with Julia Galef Play

In this 5-part Big Think Mentor workshop (http://goo.gl/k2wL0n) Julia Galef, President of the Center for Applied Rationality, teaches how to better understand some of the most common cognitive biases and fallacies - and ultimately make better decisions.

You will learn how to think clearer about:

-- The Sunk Costs Fallacy
-- Rhetorical Fallacies
-- Explanation Freeze
-- The Planning Fallacy
-- Bayes' Rule

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Big Think Edge (http://goo.gl/nu2YQU) gathers the world's leading visionaries like Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk to teach people how to be more productive, motivated, and successful in their careers.

Subscribed users get instant access to the personal and professional skills you need to succeed in today's knowledge economy including leadership, innovation, communication, negotiation, ethics, work-life balance and many, many more.

Our expert share the skills they've put into practice to create thriving companies, successful careers, and fulfilling personal and professional lives, with new clips released every Monday and Thursday.

Watch our experts at your own pace and connect with other professionals in the process.

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