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Christoph Rehage

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3,312 views 3 weeks ago
I tried to keep this short and entertaining. Let me know what you think!

Cultural References:
00:18 - Matteo Ricci - "China in the 16th Century" (1953) - I talk about this book here at http://www.bookslap.com
00:21 - "Back in USSR" Vodka - drunken thoughts about this vodka here at http://www.slowerpulse.com
00:59 - rant about how awesome it is to have to sort documents (German bureaucracy FTW)
01:05 - argument about the "2B" ("jerk" in Chinese) logo on my shirt, which gets repeatedly mistaken for simply being a "23"

Other sounds and Images are a) private or b) properly licensed through Envato, Depositphotos or Premiumbeat or c) belong to the public domain.

Licensed music:
00:47 - Nicolas Major - "DJ's Floor" (Premiumbeat)

Drawings of my face by Jia Meng: http://lartdejiameng.blogsp...

Huge thanks to everyone who danced with me or just wached me dance!! :) Show less
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