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SKYHARBOR - Evolution (Official HD Audio)

19,764 views 1 month ago
Download on iTunes: http://georiot.co/evolution...

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Alaya - Thrones Playlist Play

'Thrones', the debut album by Chicago's ALAYA, out March 17th on BASICK.

iTunes: http://georiot.co/alayasleepitunes
Amazon CD: http://georiot.co/alayathronesamcd
Amazon Digital: http://georiot.co/alayathronesamdig
BASICK: http://bit.ly/1gtyaAF

"Once in a blue moon a band comes along that defies description and hits the spot so hard that you're left breathless and bewildered... ALAYA are all that and more. They're progressive, wildly inventive and authentically epic, but they also have an air of otherworldly magic about them. This is how you combine melody and complexity with results that put goosebumps on your goosebumps. This is how you push metal into the future. Alaya are bringing the next level of crushing, intricate and thrillingly soulful metal fusion. Transcendental, triumphant, utterly fucking mind-blowing. The game just changed forever." - Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

"Thrones is a particularly impressive album. The hybrid of the technical and accessible could ultimately prove to be something of a gateway into this teeming sub-genre for those previously put off by almost impenetrably dense and awkward riffery." 87% - The Monolith

"ALAYA is quite a major success, showing that music can still be alive, fresh, intelligent and original. A very strong contender for the album of the year throne in the year still so young." 9.5/10 - Powermetal.de

For more information:


Circles - Infinitas Playlist Play


'Infinitas', the debut album by Melbourne's CIRCLES, out October 14th on Basick Records.

'If you met Infinitas at a party, it'd be the approachable guy in the Pendulum hoodie and Journey t-shirt -- not the loud one, but the smart and level-headed chap who made sure you never were without a drink...As first impressions go, it's a promising one for a band who'll soon be, quite unselfconsciously, nudging Periphery for the genre's popular kid status' 4.5/6 - Thrash Hits

'Infinitas is, in few words, an odds-defying album. It brings in so many stylistic elements that in other hands have become tired, cliche'd, and generally deplorable, and yet knits them all together in a way that delivers a feast of melodies, hooks, heaviness, and ambience, with some of the best vocals in this kind of music you'll ever hear. I thought The Compass EP was a victory, but with Infinitas, Circles have won the war' - No Clean Singing

'There are times when an album reaches out through the speakers, grabs you and demands you pay attention. This is one of those times... Infinitas proves without question that melody and djent are not mutually exclusive, and that there is more to the genre than hyper-downtuned chug and string bends' The Monolith

'If there's a band I'd want to take the 'djent' sounds to the rock mainstream I'd rather it was Circles over Periphery' Windswept Edge. 8/10


BEAR - Noumenon playlist Play


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/noumenon/id699744129
Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Noumenon/dp/B00F5FT2XG/ref=sr_1_cc_1­?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1381136973&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=bear+n­oumenon

'Noumenon', the brand new album by BEAR, out October 7th on Basick Records.


Misery Signals - Absent Light Playlist Play

Order 'Absent Light' here:
iTunes: http://georiot.co/3vid
Amazon: http://georiot.co/1oWV
Basick Store: http://store.basickrecords.com/artist/misery-signals

The album album 'Absent Light', distributed exclusively throughout the UK and Europe by Basick Records.

For UK/EU press enquiries please contact James Monteith: james@holdtightpr.com



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