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After School Club is the Live Music Request show for K-Pop fans all around the world. On our weekly live show, you can join our video chat sessions through Google Hangouts, send us tweets, and share status and comments on Facebook. Connect directly with our hosts Hanbyul and Eric Nam, as well as our awesome guests! Prepare to ask questions and request your favorite music videos on air!

Simply K-Pop Ep120 JULY 18 Play

HALO - Fever
6-member boy group HALO debuted in June 2014.
Their name means that they will come together to form perfect light.
Their title track "Fever" is based on the New School style, with
elements of hip-hop, and funk that create an addictive melody.
The lyrics compare being in love to having a fever, and describe the
passionate and confusing state of young love in a witty way.

BIGFLO - Delilah
BIGFLO is a 5-member boy group that debuted in June 2014.
The members write, compose, arrange, and produce all their songs.
Their debut song "Delilah" is a song with a big orchestra and
strong guitar sounds, and is BIGFLO's first step to the top.
The members are expressed through fun lyrics like "neighborhood kid"
and "Hong Gil-dong," showing off the group's personality.

Z.HERA - D island
Z.HERA debuted in 2013 with "Peacock," wowing everyone with her talent.
Now, she's back with a more evolved, mature image.
Her title track "D island" has a beautiful melody and pining lyrics
that long after the island where love once lived.
The song begins with an emotional introduction, and builds to highlight
Z.HERA's soft, warm vocals towards the chorus.

GOT7 - A
The 7 men of GOT7 splashed onto the music scene in January 2014,
and they've come back with their 2nd mini-album "GOT♡."
The up-tempo title track "A" layers a hip-hop rhythm under
basic R&B harmonies. The music is bright and energetic.
The title "A" is a pun on a Korean word used to tease someone
who's obviously in love, and can't help but show it.

C-CLOWN - Let's Love
C-CLOWN debuted in 2012 and they've come back
to their fans with their strong, masculine mini-album "Let's Love."
Their title track "Let's Love" has an addictive melody, stylish arrangement,
and the perfect balance between rap and powerful vocals.
Their powerful performance reflects the bold lyrics, which try to persuade
a girl that the singer will do whatever she wants, if she'll love him.

100% - U Beauty
In 2012, 100% made its mark on K-pop with their clean-cut performances
and steady live vocals. They're back again, 2 months after "Beat."
Their title song "U Beauty" is a refreshing summer song with
cool brass sounds and guitar throughout the song.
The song is a great match for the bold lyrics,
which confess a man's passionate love.

N-SONIC - Pop Beyond
N-SONIC, who debuted in 2011, has come back with their new album
"RESET," complete with an eye-catching performance.
N-SONIC's title track "Pop Beyond" is about how you should live
each day to the fullest to reach your dreams, and freedom.

AOA - Short Hair
Girl group AOA debuted in 2012. They're back 5 months after "Miniskirt"
with their 1st mini-album "Short Hair."
"Short Hair" is a groovy pop track with funky brass and guitar sounds.
The lyrics are direct and honest, talking about what girls are thinking
when they change their hair to reflect a change of heart.

Hyomin (Feat. Sungmin) - Nice Body
Hyomin debuted in 2009 with T-ara. Now, she's become the 2nd
member of her group to go solo with a whole new image.
"Nice Body" is a slow hip-hop song with groovy organ sounds,
and the lyrics are about a girl who wants to look her best for her guy.
For her performance, she is joined onstage by Sungmin of SPEED,
giving fans a peek into her potential for collaborations.

Untouchable (Feat. Mayson the Soul) - Take Out
Hip-hop duo Untouchable, who debuted in 2008 with "It's Okay,"
is back this summer with a light, witty song.
"Take Out" is an R&B and hip-hop song about a guy
who's fallen in love at first sight with a beautiful girl.
The lyrics compare taking a girl out of a club to takeout coffee,
playfully expressing his sincere hope to make her his own.

U-KISS - Quit Playing
U-KISS appeared in August 2008 singing that they're "Not Young," and
they proved it this year with a sexy concept with their new member Jun.
Their title track "Quit Playing" has an R&B melody mixed in with
urban soul sounds revolving around a main guitar line.
The lyrics are from the perspective of a guy who begs his girlfriend
to stop letting herself flirt with every guy she meets.

MOSE (Feat. HANHAE of Phantom) - Let's Not Meet Again
MOSE, a ballad singer who debuted in 2005, is back after 5 years
with the medium-tempo R&B song "Let's Not Meet Again."
"Let's Not Meet Again" has a powerful rhythm and rich strings
that beautifully complement MOSE's emotional voice.
The song is about desperately trying to forget a past love,
and wishing that you'll never meet again.

K.will - Day 1
K.will, who debuted in 2007, is back this year with his 5th mini-album
"One Fine Day," which will make "ordinary" the new trend.
The title track "Day 1" is about an ordinary guy who hopes
to win the heart of his crush.
Listeners will find it easy to relate to the lyrics, and K.will's
romantic voice amplifies the exciting emotions of new love.
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