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If I Was (I Think I Love You) - Anhayla **Official Video** @Anhayla

149,991 views 1 year ago
Download my mixtape "If i Was": http://www.Anhayla.bandcamp...

Directed by Duy Nguyen
Produced by Daniel Schofield

My website: www.Anhayla.com
instagram: @Anhayla

For serious business inquiries email -- anhaylabooking@gmail.com

If i was your summer
If i was your winter
If i was your springtime
If i was your fall

If i was your wind
If i was your stars
If i was your sun
It would never rain at all

If i was your lady
If i was your baby
If i was your sweetheart
If i was your boo

If i was your lover
significant other
if i was your up
I stay down for you

I think I love you

If i was your teacher
If i was your notebook
I i was your pen
I would give you an A

If i was your cellphone
if i was your minutes
If i was your bill
You would never have to pay

If i was your college
if i was your knowledge
if i was your loan
I would be your degree

if i was your ticket
If i was your suitcase
if i was your plane
your destination would be me

I think I love you

Pretty brown skin from way back when
hey boy what you looking at no need to pretend
tell me where you wanna go
we can go back and forth fast or slow
tell me how you like it

Can we go way back
way back in time
flashback to the night when you were mine
shot of belv?dere, two bottles of wine
and a slow jam made our bodies align
like a eclipse you keep blocking
like a remix ima keep rocking
listen let me make it clear
what you're looking for is standing right here

right here right here
you over there you you you right in that chair (x2)

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