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Introducing Synth - A new Node.js web framework designed just for AngularJS

36,436 views 2 months ago
Introducing Synth - A new Node.js web framework designed just for AngularJS
Speaker: Jon Abrams (bio below)

This was the first public demonstration of the new back-end web framework called Synth 1 created by Jon Abrams. It's a different take on traditional Node.js web frameworks It's designed to make it easier to create back-end resources that can then be automatically preloaded when loading Angular.js views.

Jon presented the following:

- Why Synth was created.
- A quick overview of the major features and how to use them.
- The creation of a sample app.

A quick look at the major features:

- Easily create new RESTful API resources by just creating folders and
naming request handling functions a certain way..

- Preloading AngularJS model data on page load (saving an extra roundtrip).

- Preloading html view on page load (saving another extra roundtrip!)

- A simplified project structure where front-end code (AngularJS code,
html, css, bower packages, etc) is in the 'front' folder and back-end code
(node code and node packages) are in the 'back' folder.

- A command-line tool for installing third party packages, using npm + bower, that auto-updates manifest files.
- Built to take advantage of promises.

1 - https://github.com/JonAbram...


Jon is a full-stack software engineer at OUYA https://www.ouya.tv/. He
previously worked at Netflix, where he discovered AngularJS and began
evangelizing it in the summer of 2012.

In his spare time, Jon is developing Node.js framework designed from the
ground up to make it as easy as possible to make an API-first back-end for
AngularJS projects. Show less
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