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Hello, my name is Andy Lambert. Since I was 18 (some fifty years ago) I have spent my life in, or around, the Recovery Industry. First recovering road vehicles then later aircraft. Now in semi-retirement, I am posting some of the better bits, under the name Andy's Video. A lot of items have some historical interest and most are very unique. The subjects range from Aircraft Recovery through to World Travel.

There is also a growing list of modern HD Video, including flying in aircraft like the Brooklands' Vimy and chasing the Napier Railton around Goodwood. Various Brooklands Museum events and all the Brooklands Maydays, with Fire Engines, Ambulances, Police cars and Emergency Vehicles of all ages represented. Why not subscribe and then you will be updated as new items are posted?

Andy's Videos are divided into 'Playlists' to make it easier for you to navigation and are also available at at www.andysvideo.com . Show less
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Modern Brooklands Videos (after 2000 to date) Play

A collection of mostly HD videos, concern events at or involving Brooklands Museum, from after 2000 and that I have videoed. On my Channel you will also find many others from before 2000 as I have been a volunteer at Brooklands for over 27 years mostly concerned with the collection and transportation of aircraft and other exhibits.

The videos include footage of some of the museums numerous events and trips in some of the Brooklands related aircraft. There is also some nice clips of the many Brooklands characters, some of whom are sadly no longer with us.

Older Brooklands Videos (Pre-2000) Play

A collection of videos concern events at Brooklands Museum. I (Andy Lambert) have been involved with Brooklands for some 30 years, mostly concerned with the collection and transportation of aircraft and other exhibits. As the MD of the National Rescue Group I organised our the move of our headquarters from Kingston to Brooklands in 1984 and soon after that got involved in rescuing items (mostly vehicles) to go into their collection. Then in the late eighties we 'tried our hand' at recovering the first aircraft.

Carrying out these recoveries I was to usually too busy to film what we were doing, but sometimes there would be a spectator I could give my camera to. years later I released I had taken quite a bit of footage and so I have started to edit it and place it in my andysvideo (Andy's Video) channel. The videos include footage of the recovery of some of the museums numerous aircraft and shows much of the Brooklands Museum site as it was before modernisation.

There is also some nice clips of the many Brooklands characters, some of whom are sadly no longer with us.and the Viscount Stephen Peircey flights, done to raise money for that aircraft. The quality is not always that good and sometimes my camera technique is not up to much, but I hope you enjoy it.

Emergency Services MayDay Events at Brooklands Museum over the years Play

Brooklands Museum Emergency Services Mayday events, are held each year on the May Day Monday and attracts Emergency Vehicles from all sectors and services, including Fire Brigades, Police Forces, Ambulance Services, Recovery Services and The Military.

Personal Videos, mostly Family & Friends stuff Play

These videos are mainly for family and friends, but if you are interested in seeing the world, or have a sense of humor you may find some entertaining. We have visited some interesting place, like the Californian Highway Patrol 10 4 event in Hollywood, or the Mash 4077 Camp film set in Malibu Creek State Park. There is a chance to see what we did when Cmd. Crutch and myself, were let lose to control the very first Dunsfold Wings and Wheels Event. There is a record of that very formal and dignified moment when Julian and Janet got married.

You can get to see Brooklands from a new angle when we canoe through it, up the River Wey. You may like to join us standing on a corner in Winslow, just of Route 66, or perhaps see what happened at the USA Grand Prix in 2005, when most of the teams refused to race. There are a few parties to visit including both my outrageous 40th and my incredible 65th, where I attempt to drive / travel in 65 vehicles.
aland and explore
Apart from America we also travel down under where we cruse the Brisbane River before the terrible 2010 flooding, we also cross to New Zealand and explore places like the Bay of Islands and Whangaumu Bay, Ngunguru. For me though the best video is us walking with Lions in South Africa (yes I know I should say it was my daughters wedding there, but she agrees with me the Lions were even better). Lastly of course, there will be a few videos of my Grandchildren as they get older.

Older Vehicle Recovery Videos (Pre- 2000) Play

This playlist is a collection of still and moving videos of automobile accidents, vehicle recoveries and general incidents that happened in the eighties and nineties. If you have an interest in vehicle recovery techniques, RTA's (or as they are now called RTC's), this is the place. Most were filmed on the A3 especially the Kingston and Esher bypasses in Surrey and South London.

Background: I have been in (or around) the recovery industry most of his life, first as a recovery / breakdown driver for Cambridge Coachworks and then as MD of National Rescue. For most of that time I was too busy doing the job, to stop and film it. However, on some occasions I remembered to take the video with me and filmed 'bits' of the jobs. Some videos are over thirty years old and make interesting viewing. They give a glimpse how things were done then! Perhaps it was not always by the book because 'the book' was still being written! Also you may notice how empty the roads (including the M25 and M3) were in those days.

All my Aviation Related Videos Together (mostly Vickers) Play

All my Aviation and Aircraft Recoveries (old and new) in the one playlist that deals with a few of the many aircraft recoveries I have been involved with and other aviation related items. Aircraft included are Vickers Valiant, Vanguard, Varsity, VC10, Viking Vimy and Viscount. Also present is rare footage of the Brooklands Sopwith Camel actually flying, plus the recovery and later relocating of the Brooklands Concorde G-BBDG (and its little sister G-CONC).

Because of my long association with Viscount Stephen Piercey G-APIM I have included the videos of the fund raising trips we carried out as well as the 'Inside Story' of its recovery. It is of course, not just Vickers and BAC aircraft here, there are Harriers, Hunters and Tiger moths. There is even a Grumman Widgeon and a AĆ©rospatiale Gazelle.

Please feel free to share this playlist with any other aviation enthusiast or aviation groups.

Recent Recovery Videos (after 2000 to date) Play

This playlist is also based Recovery Videos selected from those at http://www.andysvideo.com but they are the more modern ones.

Andy has been in (or around) the recovery industry most of his life. For most of that time he was too busy doing the job, to stop and film it. However, now he is retired, if there is a good job he can film he will!

Elliott School Putney SW15 Play

This is a playlist of videos associated with The Elliott School at Putney and before that Southfields, both in London. In 2012 the Elliott effectively closed after a hundred plus years of history and the site is now known as the ARK Putney Academy. The original school had been in Merton Road Southfields SW18 between Burr Road and Brookwood Road and was next to the Riversdale School. In 1956 the Elliott Schools and Huntingfield Secondary Modern School amalgamated on a new site in Pullman Gardens Putney SW15, to become Elliott Comprehensive School, officially opened in 1957 by Rt Hon Hugh Gaitskell.

If you have any film footage of your time there we (andysvideo) are happy to convert it to Video and add to the other Elliott Videos here. There is also an excellent ex Pupil website I set up at http://www.elliottonians.com
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