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Amy Walker

Amy Walker - YouTube Highlights

58,677 views 10 months ago
Welcome to Amy Walker's YouTube channel! Comedy, Drama, Songs, Accents, Heart...
Music: Amy Walker Theme - composed and performed by Amy (and the band inside her mouth)
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Videos used in order of appearance:
21 Accents, Hula Hana, St. Joan, Getting Ready for a Date, Ursula, Hamlet Flosses, Yes, Doll on a Corner, Truly Scrumptious, How to Learn Any Accent, We Are Connected music video, Eunice Gets a Diet Book, American Accent Tutorial Series, All of Me (for the Vets), TEDx Talk: Expanding your Identity to Embody your Potential, Yoga for Computerers -with Tiffaniey!, Mexi-Tots, I Am An Actor, Balance, Over the Rainbow -Judy Garland, My Heart is Your Heart, Backstages

About Amiablewalker's Channel:
Comedy, Dramedy, songs and sillies,
accents galore, and oh so much more,
tips and tutorials, blogs oratorical,
An Amiable experience is always in store!

New Video every week! :-)

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Inspiration, Tips and Insights Play

Here are some tips and insights I've cultivated in my life and with students. VIBES for your Optimal career and Life~~!

Eunice - Comedy Sketches with Heart Play

Eunice has been married to Howard since time immemorial. Their idea of a raucous night is Parcheesi and Bridge Mix... But Eunice dreams of a life where she doesn't just survive, but Thrive! Laugh and cry with Eunice on her journey into self-confidence through diet, dancing, and a mantra from some Jamaican bobsledders...
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