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Rescue 911 episodes I'm looking for

41,080 views 5 years ago
Please turn on the annotations while watching this video. The following video is a montage of video clips from Rescue 911 episodes I am looking for. Episodes requested in this video are:

Episode 626 (0:06)
Episode 710 (3:08)
Episode 713 (6:25)
Episode 712 (8:25)

Just to clarify, a SEGMENT is one story, and an EPISODE is a group of three to five SEGMENTS that aired on the same night. I have whole or partial copies of the SEGMENTS you will see in this video, but I do not have the full EPISODES because I am missing one or more of the segments from each episode shown. Show less
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Rescue 911 segments from other uploaders Play

This is a playlist of Rescue 911 segments that have been uploaded by users other myself, BeatleMoe, and andrew wilner. The correct episode numbers and titles can be seen by clicking the link for this playlist and looking at the notes above the videos.

andrew wilner's (Basckit13) Rescue 911 Segments Play

The correct episode numbers and titles can be seen by clicking the link for this playlist. These are all the Rescue 911 segments uploaded by andrew wilner (formerly Basckit13) that have not been uploaded by other users.

Rescue 911: Crimes and Police Chases Play

This playlist includes Rescue 911 segments involving robberies, burglaries, assaults (shootings, stabbings, etc.), hostage situations, kidnappings, other miscellaneous crimes, and police ride-alongs. Segments that feature car chases are grouped at the beginning of the playlist, and documentary-style segments are at the end.
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