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Eric Solstein

Winterreise by Franz Schubert Play

This musical performance is the soundtrack to my forthcoming film about Tom Disch. He consider these sad, beautiful songs, "the soundtrack to his life." A sample of several of his sequence of poems inspired by this music served as his suicide note, and follows.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction Play

Here is the trailer for my current release, a doc about famed editor, John W. Campbell. It may be coming to a film festival near you, and eventually it will be available on DVD and/or VOD. Stay tuned!

Following, are two short films that relate to Campbell and his magazine, Astounding.

The Possible Future/Grand Masters of Science Fiction Play

Great graphics introduce great writers in this piece, originally presented in 2000 at the SFWA Nebula Banquet, to honor Brian Aldiss' induction as a Grand Master.

Day Million by Frederik Pohl Play

This famous short story about sex (& other things) in the far future was written by Frederik Pohl in a single evening in 1966. It took me a year or two to finish my version.

Benton Bainbridge, Heejeon Choi and I did almost everything: shoot Mr. Pohl reading, storyboard, props, models, costumes, shoot, animate, edit and whatever else - all to bring you this elusive, allusive, loose sieve of a visual recasting of a jazzy, fantastic sf story.

This experimental video actually embodied an experiment, we tried to offer visuals that respected the ambiguities of the text as much as we were able. Even the faces of Dan and Dora, stunning as they are, flutter briefly like butterflies in the distance. We use many pungent but deliberately low res materials to oblige you to fill in the blanks, not unlike the text itself.

Harry Smith Play

"Early Abstractions" and interviews with my old friend and mentor.


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