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Halo Reach - Left 4 Dead: The escape [Part 3]

9,319 views 3 years ago
Next map in the series, enjoy!


Bill: looks like we made it... barely.
Louis: everybody heal up, we gotta go!
Zoey: guys hold up there's some supplies over here.
Louis: oh yeah alright!
Francis: Louis if you don't stop bein' all cheerful I'm gonna burn all the supplies just to spite you.
Bill: shut up you two! We've got things to do.
Zoey: right Bill, we still gotta' go through the park...
Francis: I hate parks... And mountains... And the cops...
Louis: what do the cops have to do with the park Francis?
Francis: Well this one time I was in a park and these cops came by askin' if I was sellin'-
Bill: Now's not the time guys...
Zoey: What's after the park?
Louis: by now maybe a safe zone? The military?
Francis: What? The military!?
Louis: yeah, they'll help us! ... Right?
Francis: That or they'll line us up against a wall and shoot us.
Bill: ... Maybe we should avoid the military...
Francis: Especially the cops.
Zoey: Alright let's go!


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