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Lui Calibre

GTA 5 Online The Independence Day Special My Birthday, New Weapons and Fireworks

1,098,473 views 3 weeks ago
Oh, look! Rockstar made the Independence Day Special for my birthday! July 4th! Let's go see what's new in this update (DLC). If you enjoyed the video, please like it. Thanks!

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GTA 5 Online with Lui Calibre and Friends Play

Los Santos is a very dangerous place. Especially if you have friends like mine. We'll put our lives on the line, or each others', just to entertain you and ourselves.

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My name is Lui. I am the Hero of San Andreas. There are many bullies that roam the streets of Los Santos, and I make it my objective to eliminate them all. Let's do this!

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I am the coolest kid on the internet, but some people don't like playing with kids and act mean to them. They better treat me with respect, because I am the wrong kid to mess with. Yeah, boy!
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