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PxG Online Championship's Trailer ( April 27th ) - Powered by AVerMedia

3,435 views 1 week ago
Follow me if you wish https://twitter.com/YTYogaF... for any updates on new players, future sets, montages coming up in the future or to let me know if you have any great action worth me uploading For the Youtube SF4 community.

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The Magic Of Series™ Play

The Magic Series created by YF24 and MDK. It first started out when I was bored and had nothing to do. I watched a few replays and thought " It be amazing to put all the cool combos together into one video. I asked a lot of top players if I could have their replays, at first it was a struggle as many top individuals refused. Then I contacted Vryu Sensei At the time a well known Akuma player from Switzerland now switched to Makoto. He accepted then I went to work with MDK helping me to edit. It became a huge success with it being embedded everywhere. Then the rest is history! The Magic Series has gone on to become a well known title in the Street Fighter Community.

Exclusive First To Five Matches Play

It's always good to see a fellow player, you admire take on another player just as good in skill in a set. Even if its first to five or ten. It would be a great show. I will try and make matches you want to see happen. ( Be Relistic ) In this playlist are matches I have made possible. Do keep in mind lag will be a factor.
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