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Why We Throw - YoYoExpert Experience - 2014 Cal States

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We are Yo-Yo Players and we throw for different reasons.

We throw because it brings us happiness and flow to our lives. Our meditation. We throw for the experience. For the friends and people we meet. We throw for the personal satisfaction of hitting a trick on and off the stage. The accomplishment and drive to always learn. We throw with meaning and cause. This is our art and our passion and an expression of who we are.

This. Is. Why We Throw.

YoYoExpert was a proud sponsor of the 2014 California State Yo-Yo Contest and we teamed up again with the amazing Dennis Barahona to bring part of the contest experience to you.

Get a feel of what it is like to be at a contest and why we throw. What it means to the players. What it feels like to watch history in the making. Whether you are there to observe, learn, or just be part of what is pushing our sport into the future. We thank all of you who attend these events and urge more to keep an eye out for a contest near you.

Thank you and enjoy.

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