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Woodway Is The Ultimate Sports Performance Training Treadmill

2,795 views 2 years ago
Woodway is the choice of professional sports teams and the world's top sports performance training facilities. Hear why Athletes' Performance only uses Woodway treadmills to train their top athletes. Show less
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4Front Treadmill by Woodway Play

The 4Front treadmill is the culmination of 40 years of WOODWAY design and innovation. With its' patented slat belt running surface, numerous entertainment options and lowest overall cost, the 4Front treadmill is a dynamic training tool for any occasion.

Wattbike Play

The revolutionary Wattbike is the first ever indoor bike to be endorsed by British Cycling. The machine feels like 'real' cycling and delivers accurate, repeatable and comparable results. The Wattbike can be used for rehabilitation, general fitness, high level training, scientific testing, cross-training and competition, making it suitable for everyone from recreational cyclists to Olympic champions.
There are many ways to incorporate a WOODWAY Treadmill into your workout. Take a look at how some of these popular classes utilize their treadmills.
The WOODWAY Force is non-motorized, dynamic training tool in which the user is the driving force or motor. The Force uses an electro-magentic braking system to create resistance for the user and can be used with computer software to track user workouts and the amount of power generated.

WOODWAY Curve Physical Therapy and Rehab Videos Play

The WOODWAY Curve has various uses that make it a highly sought after training tool including rehabilitation, physical therapy, gait mechanics and many more.

Woodway ELG - High Speed Treadmill Play

The ELG tops out at 25 mph and 35% of elevation, it can even reach -5% elevation for over-speed training. With the extra wide surface you can implement lateral movements, jump plates are available if over-speed training is your method.

Curve Challenges Play

Curve Challenges entail a set number of team members for a set number of minutes. The team competes in intervals for the furthest distance in their set amount of time. Do you have what it takes to take on the Curve Challenge?

Current Leaderboard:
2 Person Team 10 Minute Record - Team: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Distance: 1.68 miles
3 Person Team 20 Minute Record - Team: WOODWAY Interns Distance: 4.01 miles

Dynamic Mode Play

Woodway treadmills have the ability to allow a user to become the power source for the running belt. The user manually pushes the running belt during the workout. This is called "dynamic mode."

A great feature of WOODWAY Treadmills while in Dynamic Mode is that the speed is still display, so a user knows how fast he/she is driving the belt. Incline can also be engaged, allowing for a more "dynamic" workout. Great for mountain climbers. Watch the following videos of how people use their WOODWAY's in Dynamic Mode.

**WARNING -- Never leave the treadmill unattended in Dynamic Mode. Always press "Stop" button to end workout.
For instructions on how to engage or disengage Dynamic Mode on a WOODWAY, call 800.WOODWAY option 3 for Service.
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