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Jarrah White

MoonFaker: Radioactive Anomaly III

1,209 views 3 days ago
The first Full HD MoonFaker! Yay!

For 45 years, believers in the Apollo moon landings and propagandists alike have repeatedly insisted that the radiation encountered on such a journey was survivable. They are fond of claiming that the astronauts were "lucky" that there were no major solar flares or that the trip through the Van Allen radiation belts was "too brief". But not one of them has, to the best of my knowledge, done a single calculation based on the available data.

One such propagandist, Robert Braeunig, published an entire article in which he attempted to explain how the Apollo 11 crew "avoided" the radiation belts. His own data indicates that the crew would have spent 40minutes within a region with 1,000,000 electrons per square centimeter per second, and 20minutes in a region with 2,000,000particles were square centimeter per second. These fluxes specifically refer to electrons with energies greater than 0.5MeV. To be exact, my sources indicate that the electrons in the Van Allen belt contain energies between 0.1MeV to 100MeV, and on average are between 10MeV to 100MeV. Amazingly, Braeunig never uses the numbers in his own article to calculate the doses from exposure to such radiation. Had he done so, he would have known that his purported millirad dose rates are nonsense, and the actual dose rates - from both the primary radiation and secondary radiation - would have been lethal to astronauts. In this video, I will do the calculations using little more than the numbers Braeunig himself cited and show that the Apollo astronauts could not have survived a trip into the Van Allen belts. Show less
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