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Introduction to WhatKaddySaid

201 views 1 year ago
Hello everyone! I hope you have followed over from my other channel! If not then that's good, too :D I enjoy doing this, and won't be stopping. To clarify:
Mondays: Original Songs/Or Random Inspirations (Does not happen every week)
Tuesdays: I will upload a cover of some random song I pick, or something you suggested. But It'll be to my other channel http://www.youtube.com/user...
Wednesday: I'll be uploading a video with the subject of my choice.
Thursdays: I will upload Q & A/Advice videos helping you guys with your daily lives, and answering your questions! (Does not happen every week... Maybe twice a month if everything works out)
Fridays: I'll be doing something you guys requested! Next week will be the first requested video!
I love you guys, and hope to see you on Monday! Show less
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