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Nathan Woodbury

Turning Experts Into Celebrities - Wallaby Marketing

244 views 5 months ago
http://GoWallaby.com/marketing - When you follow the steps in the Treasure Map, the people who need you, find you. The treasure you receive at the end of this map, is Magnetic Traffic, and an Online Following.

We live in a marvelous time. The tools and technology to transform you into an online celebrity are here. There are so many tools and ways to use them, though, it eats up all of our time, and take us nowhere. It's time to stop letting the internet distract us into thinking we are growing our business, and actually use the internet to really get customers.

Having a pretty website is nothing if the people searching for you don't see it. Having amazing blog posts or videos is worthless if no one is buying. What good is a year of internet marketing, if your list of followers doesn't grow? How big do you want to be? How many people do you want to influence? I challenge you to think bigger, and pursue your full potential!
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Both Promotional and Position videos we helped our clients create. The purpose of the positioning videos, is part of our expert marketing program. People who have never heard of our clients before, will find them on google and watch their video. The video positions them as an expert for exactly what they are searching for, and persuades them to opt-in to their list.
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