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Paintball Picasso | Waterloo Labs | Episode 09

28,777 views 6 months ago
Check out our website for a full technical breakdown, pictures, source code and more.

The Paintball Picasso system consists of three robotic paintball markers that can create art. Each paintball marker uses servos to create a pan-tilt platform to move the markers. Custom electronic triggers in the markers allow them to be fired remotely, shooting more than 10 paintballs per second. The system is controlled by the NI myRIO embedded controller and LabVIEW software that enables the system to be controlled is a variety of ways, including taking an image from a USB webcam in order to outline the person.

This project was created and filmed at Tech Shop Round-Rock. If you like making things and want access to world class tools check out a Tech Shop near you.

Paintball Picasso Team
William Wilson, Stephanie Campbell, Rick Weiss, Brian Deagle, Hunter Smith, Tucker Paxton, Erik Olson, Matt Jacobson, Nathanael Letchford, Ben James, Sam Strickling, Melisa Napoles, Chris Correll, Dayna Polstein, Graham Green, Chris Culver, Cameron Thevenin, David Rappaport Show less
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