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Victoria Hofferson

2 years ♥

4,059 views 1 year ago
It's been 2 years since I call this horse mine :) His name is Lion le Roi and it's a 16 year old shagya arabian gelding.
When I look back in past, I realise how much work is behind us and how great improvement we've made. Since the beginning, (after we fixed the "panic problem" when he overeared himself - with me on his back - and was being very... well.... unsafe) when I was trying to do dressage with him, we had to fix few more problems - he couldn't walk/trot/canter in a regular rhytm, he couldn't go straight and he was always getting nervous doing a circle, transitions, and so on. He didn't accept the bit, he was either struggling against, either trying to hide by hyperflexion-ing himself and since he was taught to accelerate when (even slightly) pushed by shins we had to get rid of that too. He was scared to death of a whip and fast movements, objects which seem signalize for him to be hit. We also couldn't work at liberty. He's learnt to follow me, but when I let him go further, he immediately got the idea of me like predator chasing him and just ran away.. I also taught him many tricks and we started with bridleless dressage - he learnt to carry himself collected and I'm very proud of him... I'm not using any soring methods, just a natural will and power and it all pays back.. :) Thank you very much, Lion ♥ Show less
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