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Do you Vespa?

73,899 views 1 month ago
The video is about the attitude and the personality of the Vespa riders: people who walk their own path, who are self-confident and stand out from the crowd. Show less
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New Vespa Primavera Play

In the history of the world, ever since man has been around, young people have been around. And as the history of the Vespa shows, ever since young people have been around, they have been driven by their dreams and covered huge distances to achieve them.The Vespa Primavera adds an exclamation point to youngsters' pop culture as they grow up: for 50 years it has been the "official carrier" of their dreams and freedom. As each new generation has arrived with its own fashions, music and culture, one thing has never changed: with the vespa, dreams and freedom have always travelled in the fast lane.
Discover more! http://bit.ly/1emwJ9d

Vespa Vintage Commercials Play

A blast from the past through some Vespa commercials that have made the history of Italian lifestyle.

Vespa 946 Play

Unique as the year in which it was born, 2013. The essentiality of the design endows even the most impersonal function with style and individuality.The Vespa 946 is a pure expression of a style synonymous, in the minds of millions of travellers and devotees, with freedom of movement and expression. A far-sighted projection of sustainable mobility, whose form and substance crystallise the fundamental aesthetic and dynamic values of the history of the two-wheeler.
Discover more! http://bit.ly/18Whv6m

Vespa Video Animations Play

Vespa is an icon that inspires creativity in multiple ways. Here some examples of animations movie with Vespa with a leading role in the designers' world.
Express yourself and share your point of view with us!
Enter the Vespa World and discover more: http://www.vespa.com/

Vespa Travels Play

Vespa for travellers could mean a lot of things, depending on the rider: adventure, sense of community, freedom, fun, discovery and much more. What's your way to travel this "Vespa World"? Share it with us!

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Vespa Official Video Collection Play

This playlist features the Video officially released by Piaggio Company for the launch of the new Vespa models

Vespa Maintenance Tutorials by HappyParrot Play

Happy Parrot's Vespa Adventures (http://happyparrotfl.blogspot.it/)
The girl in this videos says: "I love riding on 2-wheels, and I love living in Florida. I added a Vespa to my collection. I wanted something fun that I could just hop on and go around town, or down to the beach. I chose a Vespa, because it is the classic scooter icon. It was also the only scooter brand I heard of at the time. Over the past three years of scooting, I've learned a lot about other good scooters too. I wouldn't rule out another one someday."
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