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3 Ways to be a Smart Consumer (with audio)

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The Consumer Action Handbook is a free survival guide for your money.

It can help you make smart purchases on big stuff like cars or a home. It explains what credit is, how it works, and how you can protect it. It has great tips so you can be a savvy consumer, and protect your hard-earned money.

Order your free copy today at http://promotions.usa.gov/m...

Video transcript:
Almost every day
you buy something
use a credit card
or make a decision about your financial future.
At the end of the day
we are ALL consumers
and there are a few things we should know
to be safe and
avoid problems.

Here are 3 ideas:
1. To protect your identity
watch out for shoulder surfers
2.Write an effective complaint letter
to solve a problem with a purchase.
3.Create a social media will
to specify how your online identity should be handled.

Got it?

Be informed...be smart...be cool!

To get more consumer tips, order or download the free 2014 Consumer Action Handbook at http://promotions.usa.gov/m....

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