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Injustice - Catwoman Combo Compilation "Get Scratched!" By TylerLantern - IGAU

16,904 views 9 months ago
This is my newest combo compilation from Injustice Gods Among Us and it features the one and only, Catwoman. All of these combos are up to date with the latest patch. The highest damage I was able to pull off with Catwoman in this video is 92% damage with no resets and 140% with using resets. Expect many more videos coming soon. From now on, I am going to try and drop a couple videos a week. Thanks for watching. Show less
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Kombat Exhibitions Play

This playlist contains my very unique "Klimate Kombat Exhibitions". These videos are very unique in the way that not only do I play as both characters myself by switching controllers, but also, the backgrounds aka "klimate" is constantly changing during the kombat. The only way to really explain it is just to say watch them and you will be surprised at what you see!
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