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Virgin Coconut Oil: America's First Traditional Handcrafted Virgin Coconut Oil - Buy It Online

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In this interview Tropical Traditions CEO Brian Shilhavy explains how he and his wife, Marianita, discovered virgin coconut oil during the years they lived on Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines. On Marianita's family homestead, the Shilhavy family resurrected an almost-forgotten method for making hand-crafted virgin coconut oil used for centuries by native Filipinos. From their Philippine homestead, the Shilhavy family was the first to export virgin coconut oil from the Philippines to the United States, where they found consumers eager for a handcrafted, organic, virgin coconut oil.

Shilhavy explains in the video how their Gold Label brand is still made the traditional way by hand, is a certified organic coconut oil, and has been tested to contain the highest amounts of antioxidants among all other brands of virgin coconut oil in the Philippines.

As the early leader in the coconut oil business ten years ago, the Shilhavy's played a leadership role in defining such terms as "virgin coconut oil" and "unrefined coconut oil" in an industry that had become dominated by inexpensive RBD coconut oils (refined, bleached, and deodorized), although even these coconut oils had become rare in the U.S. market. Coconut oil had gained a bad reputation due to misinformation regarding the proper roles of fats in our diet, and due to the fact that some studies had been conducted on hydrogenated coconut oil, which contain harmful trans-fats. Trans-fats from other hydrogenated polyunsaturated oils, many of which originally replaced healthy coconut oils, are now banned in some cities in the United States. Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat, and its reputation is being turned around today by early innovators like the Shilhavy family and the Gold Label virgin coconut oil product described in the video.

The Tropical Traditions family of customers has exploded in the last decade as consumers seek to buy coconut oil from a reliable company with a virgin coconut oil that will support a healthy diet. This product is organic coconut oil and made from the best coconuts from each crop. Tropical Traditions buys coconuts in bulk and charges its coconut craftsmen with the task of selecting the best of the crop to use in their Gold Label virgin coconut oil. These are native Filipinos who have grown up around coconuts and know which coconuts will make the best coconut oil. Tropical Traditions then sells the rest of the coconuts into the coconut market for other coconut oil companies to use in their coconut oil.

Consumers buying bulk coconut oil can find the Gold Label oil for sale in gallon and five-gallon pails to reduce the cost of using this pure coconut oil for everyday kitchen projects and cosmetic uses. There are options for wholesale coconut oil buyers as well.

Visit the Tropical Traditions website to learn more about our story and to purchase coconut oil:

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