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Toshiba Electronics

Toshiba Solid State Drives (SSD) Promotional Video

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For more Information, please visit: http://storage.toshiba.eu/
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Storage Play

Toshiba is the world's only storage supplier that owns design, development, manufacturing, sales and other infrastructure functions spanning the enterprise, mobile and retail environments for both hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) products.

Wireless Systems Play

Toshiba's new leading edge range of products for mobile applications is pushing the boundaries of wireless communication further than ever before. Designed for use not just in mobile communications but for any portable digital device, our single chip components can be used for wireless communications in industrial, medical, consumer or automotive applications.

Bluetooth® 4.0 System Solutions
Wireless Power Charging ICs

Motor Control Play

To help engineers implement motion control systems that are optimised to the target application, Toshiba Electronics has developed a comprehensive range of motor drive and control Integrated Circuits (ICs) for brushed DC, brushless DC and stepper motor designs. By offering high levels of on-board functionality and performance in compact packaging, these ICs can help designers of motor-based applications to significantly reduce component count, PCB space and development time without compromising product performance.

Memory Play

BENAND™ is an SLC NAND flash solution with embedded error correction code (ECC), which removes the burden of ECC from the host processor. Use of the common NAND interface allows BENAND™ to maintain compatibility with general SLC NAND flash in terms of the command set, device operation, packaging, pin configuration, etc. Therefore, the latest BENAND™ can easily be used as a replacement for a general SLC NAND flash without being concerned about a system's error correction capability.
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